Today we announce the further evolution of the John Scott Yoga Teacher Training Programme.

“I have now decided that I will not be running any future teacher training programmes under the JSY organisation, giving me the time and space to pursue other ways of sharing the practice I love. John Scott Yoga Teacher Training will change over the coming months and years to reflect this. My wish is that the JSY Senior Teachers, who have dedicated themselves to the practice and teaching, now take forward the teacher training programme and become involved in the training of teachers, and the development of the current 200 hour graduates. Having met with 15 of my Senior Teachers in September 2017, I know there is a huge amount of passion and dedication in continuing to develop the work that Lucy and I began all those years ago. I will continue to work with them in an advisory role in developing the training and skills for the training and growth of future Ashtanga Yoga teachers.” — John Scott

After much work and discussions on how best to bring the training to you, it has been decided to present two approaches for existing and future John Scott Yoga Teacher Trainees: one more focused on the traditions John received directly on his own yoga path, and one more widely based on general Ashtanga yoga traditions and encompassing other yoga principles.  By providing these two options, students will be better placed to choose which approach best fits their own particular training requirements.

The first approach will begin with individual JSY Senior Teachers running trainings of their own. Earlier this year Beata Darowska (Poland) piloted this in her own training and in September Sandra Howling (UK) will also begin her own course. John’s wish is for more Senior Teachers to bring their own JSY based training to you, thus providing more widespread opportunities for students to access TTs in closer proximity to them. With John’s Senior Teachers based in locations such as  Scotland, Israel and China we’re hoping the trainings will be globally accessible.

The second approach is currently under development and we hope to share further information with you in the coming months.

Details of all Teacher Trainings will be posted here as they become available.

We would like to thank John’s Senior Teachers, particularly Scott Johnson who with Emma Rowse have spent much of their free time steering us to where we are today..

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