John Scott Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training (UK)

taught by Sandra Howling (JSY Senior Teacher)

This course is open to students who have already completed the JSY 200 hour Teacher Training and will be a further 300 hours comprising of:

150 hours over 3 modules (50hrs each) focusing on the Intermediate Series Practise, Adjustments and Count.

+150 hours of assisting/hosting/working closely with Sandra and CPD’s with John, to develop your practise, adjustments, deepen your understanding of this beautiful science and further develop your teaching skills.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be a full Second Series practicioner to embark on this as modules 2 and 3 can be taken in later years as your practise develops.  You only have to book Module 1 in order for the additional +150 hours to start counting.

The first 50 hour Module will focus on the Intermediate Series poses from Pasanana through to Bakasana including dropbacks.

  • Prerequisite of personal practice up to Ardha Matseyendrasana please.

The second 50 hour Module will focus on the Intermediate Series poses from Bharadvajasana to Pinca Mayurasnana including handstand press from Prasarita D and handstands for preparation for tick tocks. We will recap module 1 adjustments also.

  • Prerequisite of personal practice up to Pinca Mayurasana please.

The third 50 hour Module will focus on the Intermediate Series poses from Karandavasana to the end of the Intermediate Series including tick tocks and transition from handstands to splits after Prasarita D. We will also recap module 1 and 2 adjustments.

  • Prerequisite of Full Intermediate Series personal practice.

There will be regular Pranayama practise and discussions on philosophy, experiential anatomy, theory, technique, and working with injuries.

A course manual will be provided by Sandra, from John’s original material with his blessing and permission. And the course will be certificated by John.

Each module will be 7 days, Saturday through Friday and for those needing accommodation please email me for information.
This teacher training may be completed for some over many years as you may only practise currently part of the Intermediate Series. It is designed to support you and your practise, for where you are right now, and as you develop, so you can share with your students as they develop into or further into, the Second Series, and for you, as your practise does also. The modules will be repeated over time, so for instance, if you are not ready say, for module 2 or 3 when advertised…. you can wait until they cycle round another year 🙂

It is designed for me to give you, the one-to-one personal attention I have received from John, so you also reach your 500 hours Certification feeling nourished, supported and confident in sharing and practising.


  • Module 1: Saturday 15th – Friday 21st December 2018 approx 9am – 5.30pm
  • Module 2: Saturday 20th July – Friday 26th July 2019 approx 9am – 5.30pm
  • Module 3: Saturday 14th – Friday 20th December 2019 approx 9am – 5.30pm

Venue is Swineshead Village Hall, High Street, Swineshead, Bedfordshire … click here to see a map
Cost for each module £850:

To apply please email Sandra by clicking here and stating:

  1. Your name, age, sex, contact numbers and email address.
  2. How you came to practise ‘Yoga’, and a brief account of your ‘Yoga practise’ i.e., where you practise to in Ashtanga yoga (eg, which series / which pose).
  3. Provide a short resume outlining your Yoga study, giving us the name of your main Yoga Teacher and length of study with them and your Yoga teaching experience (if you do already teach), including any qualifications you have.
  4. A brief outline of your medical history noting any significant conditions / injuries.

The +150 hours will commence from confirmation of acceptance on module 1 for any hours of Assisting Sandra (by invitation). If you do wish to host me, my 2018 calendar is now full, so 2019 would be the earliest (if you are already booked to host me this year, these hours will count towards your +150hrs providing you have booked onto module 1) This dual approach allows you to build your hours and experience at a pace that feels right for you 🙂

I look forward to our continued journey together in sharing mine and my teachers love for this practice 🙂 Om Sukha, om shanti, Sandra