Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

taught by Dorothy Loh (JSY 500 Level Teacher)

TT Dorothy Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200hr) Summer 2022

~ In affiliation with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Research Community (AVYRC) 

From the teachings of John Scott and Manju Jois, in the lineage of Sri K Pattabhi Jois

Training Focus 

  1. Scientific approach to understand the system (following the method of Vinyasa as taught by Shri K Pattabhi Jois)
  2. Self practice development
  3. Pranayama (Breathing System)
  4. Sanskrit Counted Method 
  5. Yoga Cikitsa (Yoga Therapy) 
  6. Hands-on Physical and Verbal Adjustments
  7. Experimental Teaching (in the context of the group as opposed to individual practice)

The Training, consisting of 4 modules spreading over 3 months ( May to July), includes:

Module titles:

Module 1/ Philosophy/Yoga Sutra Study

Module 2/ Hands-on Adjustment Methodology & Yoga Therapy 

Module 3/ Asana Clinic  

Module 4/ Sanskrit Counting, Vedic Chanting & Pranayama 

Full Course Fee: HKD28,000 

Payment can be in full, or in instalments.  For instalment option, please contact Dorothy directly to discuss the most feasible payment plan for your needs.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Time and Dates:

5 JUN 2022 through 14 AUG 2022

Tuesday to Friday

0700-0900 – Assisted Self-Practice (Mysore)

Thursday and Friday

1030-1230 – Adjustment Training & Yoga Therapy


0800-1000 – Asana Clinic

1000-1030 – Brunch break

1030-1200 – Yoga Therapy/Pranayama 


0800-1000 Sanskrit-Counted Guided Practice

1000-1130 Break

1130-1300 – Adjustment Training

1300-1430 – Lunch break  

1430-1630 – Philosophy/Yoga Sutra Study 

1630-1700 – Chanting/Pranayama

Saturday afternoon & Monday – OFF (Self-study)

*Contents are subject to change according to the group 

** A therapeutic, restorative practice will be introduced in Moon days and menstruation days.** 

Accreditation Hours Allocation (out of 200hrs)

100 Self-Practice

50 Adjustment Training

25 Teaching 

25 Philosophy/Theory Study 

Essential Reading list:

1/ Yoga Mala, by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois 

2/ The Essential Yoga Sutra: Ancient Wisdom for Your Yoga, by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally 

3/ Ashtanga Yoga: The Essential Step-by-step Guide to Dynamic Yoga, by John Scott

4/ Functional Anatomy of Yoga: A Guide for Practitioners and Teachers, by David Keil 

Admission Requirements

  1. A minimum of 6 months practice of the Ashtanga Primary Series with a regular teacher (include both assisted self and guided practice) 
  2. An open mind to receive new ideas, directions and teaching signposts without the pre-conditions of current patterns, past trainings and beliefs
  3. Brief digest of the suggested readings


Omelette Menu

Room B, 13/F Tung Lee Commercial Building, 91-97 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


What can you expect to take home from the Course

  • A thorough understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system
  • The true value of teaching lies on the sharing of the practice with others, through experiential learning and continuous discovery.  Your teaching cannot be effective without the assimilated digest of the imperative information given in the great system.  The course will unfold your potential to infuse the fundamental teaching through the process of individual exploration and observation.  
  • You will be given guidances and comprehensive resources to learn how to teach, to cultivate compassion for your students and fellow practitioners, and most importantly, the environment to commence the real work of teaching
  • To develop new spaces for ourselves over the pre-existing perceptions and conditions which hinder growth and changes.  Understanding what is “present”, you will be prepared to evaluate, discover and reflect, then new roles come along – the stewardship and captain of your vessel of Yoga
  • To create a safe and non-judgemental environment to teach and develop the community in your surroundings through skilful physical and verbal adjustments, extensive observations and of course, the consistent and persevere attitude to practice and share.

The true Spirit of what you say you are doing – ‘Yoga’ – you become the messenger of Yoga for the benefits of self and others with humility and passion.  Namaste

For further details, please drop a line to Dorothy Loh at or +852 98481386