The following courses are currently being run by Sandra Howling (JSY Senior Teacher)

Foundation Course

Foundation Course (36hrs) – The Primary Series. This course is:

  • Suitable for Primary Series Practicioners who wish to deepen their practise, understanding and knowledge of the Primary Series
  • For those students wishing to learn the Counted Method
  • Can be done as a stand alone course for personal learning or for those who are thinking about sharing this beautiful practise and/or wishing to embark on the JSY Primary Series 200hr Teacher Training


Dates :

  • Foundation Course – The Primary Series 36hrs

    Autumn / Winter 2020 – Dates TBA

200 Hour Course

200hrs – The Primary Series, is available to all new applicants and the last 100hrs is available for those who completed level 1 of John and Lucy’s TT’s but didn’t have the opportunity to complete level 2.

  • Suitable for students with a full Primary Series Practise
  • Knowledge of the Counted Method (of the full Primary Series)
  • Those with a possible desire to teach, or who are already teaching


News Dates for 2021/2022:

  • 200hr PRIMARY SERIES Teacher Training: 4 Modules

    Module 1 – Saturday 21st – Thursday 26th August 2021 Venue: Swineshead Village Hall, High Street, Swineshead, Bedfordshire, MK44 2AA, UK

    Module 2 – Saturday 5th – Thursday 10th February 2022 Venue: Swineshead Village Hall, High Street, Swineshead, Bedfordshire, MK44 2AA, UK

    Modules 3&4 – Saturday 14th – Saturday 28th May 2022 Venue: YogApulia Retreat Centre, Puglia, Italy

500 Hour Course

500hrs Certification – The Intermediate Series (circa 300hrs): Current JSY 200hr students (whether gained through John Scott, Lucy Crawford, Sandra Howling, Beata Darowska or Claire Berghorst) will be able to continue on from 200 to 500hrs with Sandra, comprising 150hrs of 3x 50hr modules on the Second Series and an additional circa 150hrs made up of hosting/assisting/working closely with Sandra (minimum practise requirement upon commemcement of Training please to Ekapada Sirsasana).

  • Suitable for students who have completed the 200hr JSY Primary Series Teacher Training
  • For students who have a personal practice of the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (minimum practise to Ekapada Sirsasana)
  • Knowledge of the Counted Method / or learning the Count for the Intermediate Series
  • Those with a desire to teach, or who are already teaching



  • 500hrs Certification INTERMEDIATE SERIES Teacher Training (circa 300hrs) The first 150hrs (3x 50hr Modules):

    Mod 1: Mon 4th – Sun 10th January 2021 – Venue: Swineshead, Beds, UK

    Mod 2: Sun 25th – Sat 31st July 2021 – Venue: Swineshead, Beds, UK

    Mod 3:Sat 11th – Fri 17th December 2021 – Venue: Swineshead, Beds, UK

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