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Application Form - AVYRC Teacher Training


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  1. Your name, age, sex, contact numbers and email address – so we can identify you
  2. How you came to practise ‘Yoga’, and a brief account of your ‘Yoga practise’ i.e., where you practise to in Ashtanga yoga (eg, which series.. to.which pose) – so we have an understanding of your background and ability
  3. Provide a short resume outlining your Yoga study, giving us the name of your main Yoga Teacher and length of study with them and if relevant (but not necessary to already be teaching to attend this course)… your Yoga teaching experience (if you do already teach), including any qualifications you have – so we have an understanding of your experience with yoga and teaching
  4. A brief outline of your medical history noting any significant conditions / injuries – so we can make any provisions then working with you
  5. PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be a full Second Series practicioner to embark on the 500 level course as modules 2 & 3 can be taken in later years as your practise develops

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